Monday, March 12, 2012

A place to Rock n Roll

All shows recorded LIVE!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NEWS from the Studio

Last week, The Freestyle Orchestra lead by Leviticus scratched and tore their way through through a musical paper bag.. Lost in the madness of time and space they waged an existential war with their anxouse hands and mind full of static and chaos... They strummed guitars and pushed metal poles along the strings grinding them into nothing, exploding sounds, throwing themselves onto the microphone screaming poetry, mad, almost violent expression, spitting themselves into the ethos of the universal mind... gently painting in the corners relaxed conversations while inches away perplexed insanity finding it's way to creation.. the final result, a sound art product...recorded, experienced...
Feb 23rd.. show up and jam with us

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Leviticus News and Retrospective

Upcoming Shows!

Feb 11th 9pm
Painted Faces/ The Tye Tribe/ Jordan D'Arsie at 

Feb 16th  9pm
Leviticus Orchestra... bring your instruments and paint, or break our stuff and paint on the pieces of your broken life.

Feb 18th.. 9pm
Christina Li, Nathan Clark

Feb 23rd.. 9pm
David Schnugg, open Jam, Freestyle painting

Feb 25th-  9pm,  Naked Woman, and Live Painting..

All ages, all shows $5 cover,  hang out with us here:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NEWS from the Studio

 This week the studio has gone through many aesthetic changes.. paintings were tied to the ceiling and a tree sculpture, along with a spider web cocoon was added to the "Delusional Forrest" installation.  The upstairs area was cleaned out and brightened up, it is white with a table and aisle.. more minimalistic, a new start, less confusion...
This Saturday January 14th Leviticus presents "Delusional Forrest" with  
Broken Glow
and special guest Setting Sun

doors open at 9:00pm

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ryann Williams New Years Eve Party party.. A Hit with the kids

Ryann Williams and his crew came to the studio, DJ in hand determined to dance.  Nothing would stop these people from dancing the night away New Years Eve.

As always, the venue is an ever changing sculpture that guests are invited to add to with art supplies scattered about the studio..It is designed by Leviticus

This video shows the complete story of the party

sculptures were scattered all over the two floors of the studio, the people were ready to add to them as they danced... A center sculpture, placed in the middle of the dance floor was a prime target to show off some drawing skills.
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Studio News

VENLO rocks the joint

December 17th Venlo unleashed some hard rock musical chaos to a hungry crowd of young punks ready to eat some noise. plugging in there equipment they braced themselves for an epic night of partying and rock n roll magic.

Moshing and other questionable behavior became king and the kids conquered the world again.

Heavy Mental takes over, crowd goes insane
after Venlo completed there hostile take over Heavy Mental performs there Ku De Ta with elegant grace. capturing the frenzied audiences attention, owning there minds and body.  A force of nature they grab power from anyone who will give it to them, taking charge. freeing the world from Tyranny, promoting freedom, they are Rock n roll. They are the fresh meat the world wants to eat and destroy

The Sway Machinery proves they are king of sway

December 22, 2011 was a fantastic day for music.. a glorious day for the skilled craft of jazz, rock n roll, and slick gangster dance music..

these monsters waltzed in horns blazing, drums on fire, Jeremiah Lockwood ripping his guitar and demonically expelling his lyrics from his frenzied mind.

As the enormous crowd danced and let loose from the shackles of life.. The Sway Machinery is the key to freedom... they saved humanity that night.. Heroes of humanity saving us from slow death. 


Rent an Alternative NYC space

The two story studio is available as a vacation rental.  Full Kitchen, bathroom, bar, bedroom, free wifi
$400 Friday-Sunday
Lounge Area

Bottom Floor

Friday, December 16, 2011

Saturday December 17th


                                                                   Heavy Mental

Get ready to Rock your pants off... We're saving the world one rock band at a time.... everything else is stupid.
                                                        listen to music, create art, save the world at
                                                               LEVITICUS Studio
                                                       Space in it's current form.. Pre- concert        
                                                           doors open at 8:30 pm